Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Bed

I finally moved Addison out of her toddler bed today into her full size bed. She went right to bed as always. As you can see from this picture instead of sleeping on the enpty side of the bed she chose to sleep on the side with all her dolls.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Childrens Museum

I remember this Childrens Museum from when we lived in Indiana 20 years ago so I just had to take Addison there. She had a great time!

Brushing the frogs teeth.

Making ice cream floats at the soda shop.

Playing tic-tac-toe and connect four in life size versions.

This it the coolest clock. It is a water clock. As I think you can see from the close up picture...the balls on the left are the hours and the balls on the right are the minutes. They fill as the time passes. The close up picture is at 12:59 right before the water clock empties entirely so that it can start over at 1pm. It is really cool and Addison loved to watch all the water.

Addison dressed up as a child from India.

You cannot really tell from this picture, but Addison is dressed like a dinosaur with a long tail and claws and she is sitting in a nest with dinosaur eggs.

Lastly, Addison sitting on a bench with her baby doll as we were getting ready to leave.

Indianapolis Zoo

We went up to Indiana a few days early to do some touristy things including going to the Indianapolis Zoo and the Childrens Museum.
The dolphins as they performed for us. Addison absolutely loved this! Just another reason for us to take another Sea World.
Addison and me sitting inside the dolphin tank watching the dolphins.

Addison and my mom in front of the monkeys.

Addison riding on the carousel. She had numerous animals to chose to sit on including lions, seals, tigers, elephants, etc, but she chose the traditional horse.

Addison in front of the hippos.


Addison dancing

Addison and Katharine, or the princess as she called her, dancing.

Addison and me slow dancing.

Rachael, Me, Addison, Katharine, and Helen (Katharine's mom)

We drove 9 hours to Indiana last weekend to go to my best frined from middle schools wedding. Addison does great in the car so that was no big deal. She has a wonderful time at the wedding. As you can see from these pictures...she loves to dance! It was absolutely great to see my friend,

Katharine. I had not seen her or her family in 13 years. I hope that we can see each other more often from now on. I miss her!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeding Ducks

We went to a park today when we visited my mom to feed the ducks and play on their huge playground. Addison had a blast. The ducks are used to being fed so they come right up to you, so that made Addison a little afraid, but she enjoyed it anyway. We then went to the playground and played for a few minutes. Unfortunately the playing part was cut short when I got called into work.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Princess Breakfast

Reece, Anna Kate, Mary, Grant, Addison, and Lucy

Addison, Mary Grant, Anna Kate, and Lucy

We went to a Princess Breakfast at the Country Inn and Suites today. Addison absolutely loved it. She has been talking about going back to Disney World since the moment that we left, so when I saw this I just had to sign us up. We went with my friend Julie and her daughter Lucy, my friend Christy and her daughter Reece, and my friend Kasi and her daughters Anna Kate and Mary Grant. We got to see Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Snow White, and Belle.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Gymnastics started today. Addison did gymnastics last year as well and absolutely loved it, so she asked to go back again this year. I have had a difficult time deciding where to sent her, but ended up sending her to Elite Gymnastics with a friend of mines daughter, Emma. Addison loves it and asks every day when she can go back and play with Emma.