Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time to get up sleepy head!She moved from her bed to mine as I finished getting ready.

All dressed and ready to go!

Addison started Pre-K today. She has gone to part-time daycare this past year, so she knows about school, but she has not gone for the past month, so she has been saying that she didn't want to go back to school, so I was a little worried. But, this week she has been excited about it. We went to open house yesterday and she was really excited about going today. Well, 7am came really early for someone who is used to sleeping in and getting up around 9am. She did good though and was happy. She wanted me to walk her into school though this morning instead of going through the carpool line, so of course I did. She walked right in, put her bookbag in her cubby, but then did not want me to leave. One of her teachers came over and she went right to her, so I left. I think that she did better then me though...I shed a few tears in the car. I cannot wait until 2:45 so I can see how her day was.

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