Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Official Haircut

Addison and Lucy as princesses before their haricuts.

Sitting on the playhouse.

Finished product.

Addison and Lucy with their new dooz!

Addison had her first official haircut this past week. I say that because typically I just give her a quick trim when she needs it, but this past week a new hair studio opened up in Athens. It is called Kidsdooz and it has dress up clothes, a huge playhouse, video games, movies, and TV to watch as you sit in a car or airplane or whatever you pick. Addison loved it because her friend Lucy met us there. They played dress up first and then got haircuts. Addison did great and she picked a pink airplane to sit in and watch Dora as they cut her hair. Addison's hair is typically curly as you can see in the top picture and they blew dried her hair with a round brush which made it straight and she loves it that way so when we have time, that is how she wears her hair now!

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